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About Us

Welcome to Badaoffers !!

Badaoffers is an online platform that provides best available offers on products from the stores in your near by location and online also.Shoppers don't have to wait for some group of people to sign-up in order to enjoy a great offer or they don't have to rush to purchase a single product that is only available for very limited time.

Badaoffers works with its trusted stores to provide shoppers exciting offers on great products or sevices from the best brands at unbeatable prices based on location.

Badaoffers provides customized and cost effective solutions for all types of businesses and thus allowing to reach their target customers through attractive offers or promotional campaigns and there by inscreasing the sales.

How it works?

For Shoppers

  • * Find best offers or discounts available in the stores nearby your area
  • * Find information about your favorite stores,brands and their offers
  • * Share offers to your family and friends
  • * Follow your favorite store or category and get email alerts when a new offer is available
  • * Call us at  040 - 64 54 74 44  to find out offers if you don't have time to go online

"Save your valuable time and money every time you shop"

For Merchants

* Post your best offers for FREE
* Promote your offer online and on social networks
* Drive in more customers for your stores
* see the statistics of your offers
* call us at  040 - 64 54 74 44  to post offers if you don't have time to go online

"Save your advertisement costs and increase the sales"

You can find answers to many of your questions in FAQ section and if you want to learn more about Badaoffers please contact us